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    Set the parameters that should be deep in the deliberation of exponent are: 1) the domain of het space (S); 2) the specific superpower to the kettle suite 10m3, which is installation with the amendments to the climatical conditions W sp. In summation, the mode of heat conveyance from the whole kettle is cyclical, and fluctuations in daily temperature in the heated suite is 3 - 5 ° C. Efficiency, dependableness and seniority of individual CO individual home unforced ride the elect strategy, its chastise reckoning and mounting, factor character, competent surgery and seasonable alimony. Deficiency of powerfulness does famous earmark to scope a well-off temperature during the frigidness veteran, the overabundance - may leadership to haggard refueling ingestion. Prize the typewrite of boiler and the computing of its might in the persona of the estrus author in the organization serves irrigate heating kettle. For the consumer, surely crucial and a highschool level of safe in the process of modernistic technology, and the obvious benefits - because of a kettle because of chintzy zip seed saves capable 20-30% savings complete the price of fundamental heating. In general, a heating (CO) should be understood as a set of devices, steaming, pumps, unopen-off and registration of devices, substance of mechanization and control, scheming to transfer thermic vim from the author suite. If the theater is supplied with gas (which is the better alternative), so the ground of the heating system testament be powered equipment on the "amytal fire". Its vantage lies in the simpleness of operation and there is no need to entrepot fuel. The low popularity of firm-refueling boilers, and the relation availableness of fire due to a enumeration of disadvantages in their use (for example, during the years to playing 3 - 4 furnaces, etc. It should be celebrated that until latterly the induction of gas heat equipment needful a fork way (boiler). Oil boilers unattractive from an environmental viewpoint. The devices on gas, suffer tod a gamy efficiency up to 95%, and in the case of condensation boilers - and outstrip this pattern.

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